Aggressive Defense for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare professionals are often the targets of civil lawsuits.

Today, the American Healthcare professional has a greater chance of being sued than any other profession in the United States, or any other doctor in the world. In one year alone, 900 actions against healthcare professionals were filed every single day in the United States.

The first medical malpractice case ever recorded was in Connecticut in 1794.  In Cross vs. Guthery a man sued his doctor over his wife’s death following surgery. The plaintiff was awarded forty pounds and Dr. Guthery forfeited his fee.

Fortunately, what wasn’t available in 1794, is available in 2012 – Supple & Canvel, LLP, Health Care Defense Attorneys.

We can’t get Dr. Guthery a defense verdict, but we can successfully defend you or your facility. Which is a good thing. Because these days, plaintiff verdicts against healthcare professionals reach a lot more than forty pounds.

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